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Tile and Grout CleaningDirty Tile & Grout? - Don't Tear It Out!

At Triple-C System we specialize in cleaning Ceramic and Porcelain Tile and grout, the most commonly used in homes and businesses today. We use the latest equipment available which includes powerful truck mounted equipment and only specialty premium cleaning solutions designed to clean tile & grout. Our system enables us to restore your tile and grout floor back to it's original appearance and beauty, whether it's in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or around your pool.

When cleaning Ceramic and Porcelain Tile and grout, we first test the area to be cleaned to determine what chemicals are needed to perform the job correctly. Then we pretreat the area to be cleaned with the proper cleaning solution and allow for the correct dwell time. Once this is completed we then steam clean the tile and grout and extract the soil simultaneously. We follow this process up by neutralizing the area to be sure that it is left at a neutral PH level. We will also explain to you the proper procedure for regular routine maintenance so that you can keep your tile and grout looking it's best all year round. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Grout Sealing - Protect Your Investment!

Grout SealingOnce you have us clean your tile and grout you may want to protect your grout with Grout-Seal. Grout is porous and subject to staining if not properly sealed and most installers do not seal your grout when they install your tile. Sealing the grout provides added protection against stains, as well as reduces routine maintenance and keeps your grout looking clean longer. Grout-Seal is an aqueous polymer solution which is used to provide water and oil stain resistance to your grout. Grout-Seal resists both water and oil based stains and can be used both indoors and outdoors to keep your grout looking stain free longer. Grout-Seal prevents stain causing liquids from soaking into your grout. It protects against oil-based stains such as cooking oil, grease, motor oils and suntan lotions without creating a barrier coating. Products made from Acrylics and Urethanes create a thick, glossy barrier coating and Siloxine based impregnators don't create a barrier, but lack the oil-stain protection of Grout-Seal's unique polymer chemistry. With Grout-Seal you get long lasting oil and water stain protection that keeps your grout looking itís best!

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We offer our tile and grout cleaning service in Citrus County, Hernando County, and Marion County


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